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Ayurvedic Principles with contemporary techniques


Our products are hand-made with utmost attention to detail every step of the way from the formulation to the bottling and shipping. We use carefully selected natural and nature-derived ingredients with NO harmful toxins or petro-chemicals making sure our products are safe for all genders, ages and skin types.


Cheriss began as a result of the lack of easily available, locally made, specialised skincare products that were not full of chemicals or exorbitantly priced. We still carry forward that same ethos and have done for over 40 years.

As a brand our focus is on the well-being of our body’s most crucial organ. Our formulations though steeped in tradition are made proficient using modern chemistry. The ingredients are mindfully chosen to make an easy to use and effective product.


"Cooking at a high level requires finesse and a sensitive touch.  Ironically, the act of cooking puts tremendous strain on my hands: cuts, scrapes, burns, and sores. The Cheriss Hydrating Aloe Gel, soothes my aches and pains, restoring them for whatever challenges await”



We take pride in the integrity of our products. Consistency and unwavering quality are central to our production process, carried out by a team of seasoned and skilled professionals.


All our products are licensed and approved Ayurvedic formulations. We draw from the vast well of ancient knowledge, curating tried and tested combinations of ingredients.


We use only the best, locally sourced natural ingredients. Our raw materials are thoroughly inspected to ensure they are safe and contaminant free.


Quality over quantity! All our products are hand made allowing us to intimately monitor the entire production process right up to the bottling. A time honoured tradition dating back to the first batches made over a kitchen stove!


Our formulations ensure that our products are gentle on you and your environment. Non-polluting and toxin-free, our products leave no trace except the glow on your skin!



We have, and continue to supply India's leading resorts and wellness spas. We offer you the same sublime experience from the ease of your own home.

Nourish and nurture yourself with your own bespoke products made specifically with you in mind. Get in touch for more details.

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